Patient Reference Group

What is a Patient Reference Group?

It is a representative group of people who are happy to give their opinions of the services we offer and who would like to share ideas on how to improve them.

How Does It Work?

You have the opportunity to send us your comments and suggestions. Occasionally we will also ask for your opinion on specific issues. This will help us to identify service areas that can improve and find ways to do so. Don't worry, we will only ever use your e-mail address for this purpose and will NEVER pass it on to third parties.

In the long run we might branch out and run an internet forum so you can interact with other members and us more directly.

What Not To Do

This is not the right place for issues related to your personal healthcare or to make a complaint. Please use the usual channels for that so that they can be addressed properly and timely.

a group of people looking at each other

Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.